Colorado is home to many famous locations, including Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, the Great Sand Dunes National Park, and the Garden of the Gods. In fact, there are many natural forests within Colorado that are well worth the time it takes to drive to them. Today, we will look at three of the best activities to try during your next visit to one of our forests.

From caves and mountains to forests and deserts, there are many beautiful and different environments to explore across the Centennial State. We know that you will want to look at Colorado homes and ranches for sale so that you can extend your time in our wonderful, colorful state. Be sure to contact Galles Properties in Pagosa Springs today to discover all of the properties that are available to you.


Hiking is, of course, one of the primary ways to experience any forest. Just because it is common does not mean that it’s not worth trying. Every trail in every forest is different. From the terrain and the surroundings to the weather and the wildlife, no two hikes will be the same. Hiking gives you the opportunity to see, hear, and smell the unique properties of each trail you take. Looking at a picture of a mountain lake and seeing it with your own eyes are two very different actions. Being able to smell the fresh pine trees and feel the cool mountain breeze on your face are incredibly refreshing experiences. If you are in the area near the San Juan National Forest, two trails that we recommend for hiking are the Coyote Hill Loop Trail and the Opal Lake Trail. Be sure to check online before you head out for a hike to check the distance and difficulty of your chosen trail. These details – as well as a quick weather check – will ensure that you have an enjoyable time.


If you enjoy biking, then you definitely need to try biking in the forest! From easy, flat trails to rugged, bumpy terrain, you are sure to find the type of trail that is right for you and your abilities. There are literally hundreds of trails to choose from when you check out this trail map of the San Juan National Forest. Whether your goal is to take a leisurely trail ride through the forest or race down the steepest trail you can find, you will want to take time to stop and enjoy the stunning views. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to spot some of the local wildlife. While it’s always best to refrain from engaging with wildlife, you will want to acquaint yourself with what you may encounter so that you are prepared for any situation.


Fishing may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about visiting a forest, but if you love fishing, then you definitely want to come prepared. From rivers and streams to lakes and ponds, there are many different fish and types of fishing available in the San Juan Forest. There are many different types of trout such as cutthroats, rainbows, and brook trout, as well as a landlocked salmon species known as Kokanee. If you have never experienced fly fishing, then be sure to take advantage of some of the local businesses that offer fly fishing guides and lessons. There’s nothing quite like fishing in a rushing stream surrounded by the majesty of the San Juan Mountains. 

When you come to Colorado, be sure to visit the San Juan National Forest and try one or all three of these activities. We know that you are sure to enjoy yourself and the time you spend in the wild beauty that makes our state so stunning and magnificent. Be sure to call Galles Properties in Pagosa Springs and let us help you find your Colorado home today.