Are you thinking about selling your Pagosa Springs real estate property?  Here are some steps you can take before you list:

  1.  Clean up and declutter.  This is the time to get those honey do’s done that you’ve been thinking about.  Paint touch-up, clutter clean-up, general up-keep.  If you’ve noticed something needs to be done, the buyer’s will notice as well.
  2. Have your ducks in a row.  Clear up any outlying title issues, easements, etc.  This is something you want to have out of the way before you go through the contract process.
  3. Interview real estate Brokers.  This is a great time to interview real estate brokers and decide who you want to work with. Once chosen, your broker can give you valuable feedback and guidance about how to prepare to sell.
  4. Consider getting an appraisal.  Ask your Broker if you should have your property appraised in order to arrive at a market-driven listing price.  We have seen this strategy work time and time again.
  5. Consider getting an inspection. A home inspection will bring to light any items that may come up down the road.  It is better to address items in advance, rather than having to deal with them during the contract process.
  6.  Set a goal.  Know the amount you want to sell your property for and set a target date that will trigger a “re-evaluation” of price and strategy if you have not sold it yet.

Not sure where to start? Our team can be a great resource to help you get your property ready to sell.  We are here to help!  Contact one of our Galles Properties Brokers for a no-obligation consultation and we will be happy to visit and help you develop a strategy to sell your property.