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About Ed and Eddie Keyes

Ed Keyes

A native of Ohio, Ed Keyes simply fell in love with Colorado after transferring from Hawaii his freshman year to attend the University of Northern Colorado. Once there, he met his future wife Kathy, a Colorado Native from Colorado Springs.

Upon graduating, Ed returned to Dayton, Ohio, and at the age of 24, he and his wife launched a sign business that over the next 34 years would become one of the most successful sign companies in the market. During this time, Ed, Kathy and their 3 children vacationed often in Colorado – promising to return one day for good. That day came in 2006, when he sold the company and moved to Pagosa Springs, eventually turning his passion for real estate into a new career.

Ed Keyes brings to the table extensive real estate knowledge, proven business experience and total commitment to putting his customers first. In his spare time, Ed is active in golf, skiing, hiking, fishing, hunting and swimming, where he still competes in the Masters Swimming Program. He and his wife Kathy are the parents of Eddie and Anne, both of whom live in Pagosa Springs, and Jennifer, who lives in Denver. They have four grandchildren.

Eddie Keyes

An Ohio native, Eddie Keyes grew up playing basketball and swimming and often vacationed in Colorado with his family. He excelled in both sports in high school before moving on to SUNY Morrisville in New York to study horticulture and continue his basketball career.

After college, Eddie lived in Hood River, Oregon, where he worked on Mt. Hood, before moving to Denver in 2004 and setting down roots in his beloved Colorado. In 2012, Eddie and his daughter Kailey moved to Pagosa Springs where joined his extended family in the town he now calls home to begin his career in real estate.

Eddie Keyes brings to the table an extensive agricultural background and a passion for the outdoors. He enjoys playing basketball, skiing, hiking, mountain biking and anything outdoors.

My husband and I recently listed and sold our home through Galles Properties. We were looking for a reputable company that we felt would give us good representation, of course.

We chose Galles being familiar with almost all the agents and thinking highly of them all including the owner/brokers. We chose the Keyes team to work with and more specifically Eddie Keyes.

We felt that he did an outstanding job in the timing of the listing, as we were leaning toward waiting to list, and he suggested listing immediately, with which we were fine! We had an immediate interest and within 2 wks., had an offer which we accepted!

Eddie was very prompt, professional and went the extra mile (considering we were out of state ) during the process. Upon closing, I asked Eddie if I might write a review for him and the great experience we had with him. I did so on the Galles website in hopes other prospective buyers might see this and feel the Keyes might be the ones to represent them as well! -Valerie Goodman